Director of Marketing Communication Department
(Mobile Operator FE "Uzdunrobita" - MTS-Uzbekistan, Tashkent). Period: 04/2009-11/2005

Response for
- development of marketing communications strategy
- functional planning, budgeting
- development, launching ad campaigns and control all processes
- brand promotion
- marketing research
- media work(media planning, media mix, media flowchart)
- creativity, realization of photo sessions
- training of marketers and merchandisers of branches and dealers
- working out and adaptation of contracts, normative documents
- executing of creative reviews by MTS group
- interaction with all branch of company over Uzbekistan
  in marketing communication and branding

- launch and promotion more than 50 products & services
- rebranding by world standards
- highly skilled specialist in advertisement and branding
- efficient management of huge ad budgets
- high level of creativity
- using of new channels in communications
- expense optimization on advertisement with competent
  of media mix and media planning
- position – director of marketing communication
- respect of colleagues and suppliers